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FiLMiC is an innovative mobile video recording app that allows users to capture high-quality footage with their smartphones. The app includes advanced features such as control over settings like exposure, focus and white balance, enabling professional-level shots to be taken without a traditional camera set up. Plus, FiLMiC comes with add-ons such as Focus Peaking and Zebras which place visual indicators onto the viewfinder so users can ensure they’re using the correct level of lighting when shooting. With FiLMiC’s intuitive interface and powerful editing tools, you can easily create stunning films right from your device no matter where you are.

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FiLMiC Pro Features

FiLMiC Pro is a powerful and feature-packed mobile video recording app that gives users control when it comes to shooting footage. Users have access to advanced settings such as exposure, focus and white balance, allowing for professional-level shots with just their smartphone. In addition, Focus Peaking and Zebras tools provide visual indicators on the viewfinder so users know they are using the correct amount of lighting. With its intuitive interface and powerful editing features, users can quickly and easily create amazing films directly from their device wherever they may be.

Some of the key features of FiLMiC Pro include:

– Adjustable manual controls – allows for precise control over exposure, focus, ISO (sensitivity), shutter speed (duration) and white balance.

– Professional audio capabilities – includes support for external microphones with stereo input/output levels for better audio quality.

– High resolution options – record videos at resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD.

– Image stabilization – reduce camera shake with EIS (electronic image stabilization).

– Slow motion capture – shoot in slow motion with up to 240fps recording (dependent on device model).

– Frame rates up to 240fps – shoot high speed action scenes at frame rates of up to 240 frames per second.

– Cuttlefish AI engine – utilizes AI technology for real time color grading and other effects that give videos an extra level of production quality.

– Drag & drop editing – edit footage quickly by dragging clips into different sequences or apply filters without any extra plugins or software required.

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