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Pixel Gun 3D is a shooting game packed with action and adventure. In this game, you will become a courageous hero to battle in a different of locations. There are a huge number of these locations and we call it in the game – maps. You can fight in cities, jungles, or even space. You have a chance to topup your weapons arsenal by winning battle against other players. Some are extremely futuristic laser guns, while others resemble the firearms seen in action movies. You can select the one you prefer.

There will be fierce firefights as you play. That means there will be plenty of shooting and action in your conflicts. You must traverse many stages, defeat foes, and achieve tasks. It’s like playing the lead in an action film.

However, guess what? You’ll uncover power-ups and special treasures along the journey. These items help you improve your weapons or give you new powers during battle. It’s like getting super cool upgrades to become even stronger. Pixel Gun 3D is a special game because it has a mix of intense battles, smart planning, and funny jokes. It’s like having a good time while pushing yourself. You can play it for hours and find something fresh and entertaining every time.

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How to Get Free Gems and Coins in Pixel Gun 3D

1. Complete the Daily Missions.

Every day, you can complete special quests to earn fantastic gifts. These missions are similar to enjoyable tasks that you can perform while playing the game. Some missions are easy, like winning a certain number of battles. Others can be a bit harder, like reaching a specific level or collecting special items. When you complete these missions, guess what happens? You get rewarded! You can earn things like coins, gems, and other resources that help you in the game. It’s like getting extra treasures just for playing and doing well.

Coins and gems are really important in Pixel Gun 3D. With coins, you can buy new weapons and cool stuff. Gems are even more special because they allow you to get rare and powerful items. So, completing missions is a great way to get more of these valuable resources!

2. Participate in Special Events.

There are occasional special events that are a lot of fun. You will be required to participate in tournaments or scavenger hunts at these events. It’s like going on a game-based journey! Exclusive gifts, such as free coins and gems, are available only at certain events. You should follow the game’s official social media platforms to find out when these events are taking place. They will announce and share all of the event details. It’s like receiving an exclusive invitation to join in on the fun.

You may have a fantastic time and receive awesome rewards by participating in the activities. These rewards might include coins. You can use them to buy gems or weapons, which are super valuable and allow you to get rare and powerful items.

3. Link your Social Media Accounts.

When you link your game to your Facebook or Twitter accounts, you get free rewards. These rewards can be awesome things like coins or gems. It’s like getting presents just for connecting your accounts.

But it isn’t all. Connecting your social media accounts also allows you to play online with your friends. You can play the game with your friends and enjoy great adventures together.
You can even compare your scores with your friends easily. There is a specific leaderboard rating system that reveals who has the highest scores. It’s like a friendly competition to determine who is the best.

4. Refer Friends for Rewards.

By encouraging your friends to play the game with you, you can earn free gems and money. Both you and your friend get special bonuses as a reward! It’s like getting extra treasures just for bringing a friend into the game. The bonuses you receive can be things like bonus coins and gems. Coins and gems are valuable resources in the game that help you buy cool stuff and get powerful items. So, getting more of them for free is super exciting.

5. Downloading the mod apk.

Is an easy way to get unlimited gems and coins for Pixel Gun 3D. With this mod apk, you’ll never run out of resources again. So that you can enjoy playing your favorite game with no limits.

6. Pixel Gun 3D is by using free gift cards.

Using gift cards is one of the simplest ways to get free coins and gems. Gift cards are special cards that can be obtained from many sources, such as Amazon or eBay. These cards can be used to purchase items such as money and gems in the game. All you have to do with a gift card is head to the game’s store and redeem it. It’s similar to employing a secret code to obtain your resources. You will receive the coins and gems immediately after redeeming the gift card.

The number of coins and gems you receive from a gift card is determined by its value. Some cards can provide you with enough cash and gems to last an entire game session, while others may provide you with a smaller quantity.

Here’s another exciting thing: sometimes, you can find deals where gift cards are discounted. Or you can win free gift card by completing simle tasks. To learn more about it, click the button above.

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